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Current Music:[Teddy Geider]-For You I Will (Confidence)
Subject:Orpik May Be Suspended
Time:06:48 pm
Current Mood:gloomygloomy

The Hurricanes announced that Eric Cole has a compression fracture in a vertebra in his neck and likely will miss at least the balance of the regular season, after Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik hit him from behind in Saturday's game.

"Obviously, it could have been worse," Carolina coach Peter Laviolette told the Raleigh News & Observer. "You don't even want to think of what the worst could have been."

"I've never been accused of playing dirty," Orpik said yesterday. "I've never had a hitting-from-behind penalty, or been accused of that. I don't know where that comes from."

The NHL will review the play of when Cole was injured and news that he might be out 6-8 weeks doesn't help Orpik, who was given a boarding major and game misconduct on Saturday. Neither does the fact that Cole is a big contributor on the Carolina team that's leading the overall points race.

"I've seen way worse than that that doesn't even come close to getting [the offending player] suspended," Orpik said. "But whenever a guy gets hurt, they always look at it a little more closely, and that's a team that's in first place and [Cole is] one of their best players.

"As much as they say that doesn't play a role in things ... I think they're going to hold you a little more accountable when it's one of their star guys."

"He's a big part of their team, and I understand the frustration from their side," Orpik said.

We do not yet know if Orpik be fined or suspended for the hit, but it will be announced before the Penguins play Tampa Bay at 7:30 tomorrow at Mellon Arena.
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Subject:Another Game, Another...Hat Trick?
Time:05:23 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable

The Penguins suffered another lost last night against the Carolina Hurricanes, 7-5.

The Pens were down 5-0 at the end of the first period. Sebastien Caron let in 2 goals on five shots, that was when Marc-Andre Fleury was put in on relief.

"Maybe I was a little rusty at the beginning, but there's no reason for that," Caron said, he hadn't played since Feb. 10. "You have to be ready."

Fleury didn't have a better time in net though, as he went on to let in 3 goals on 4 Carolina shots. Coach Michel Therrien put Caron back in goal after the intermission.

Upside though was that Konstantin Koltsov scored his goal in 42 games =). And Mark Recchi recorded the first Penguins hat trick of the season, and first Penguins hat trick since Alex Kovalev's on Jan. 25, 2003.

“We showed a lot of character. We just have to find ways to have better starts and don’t get ourselves let down like this. It’s just too tough [to come back] against teams like this,” Recchi said. “We kept battling and that’s one great sign about our team right now – we definitely don’t quit. We have to find ways to be better and find ways to get off to better starts.

“It’s frustrating and disappointing because we really want to win.”

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Subject:Another Game, Another last minute Rally by the Pens
Time:06:47 pm
Current Mood:restlessrestless
Hey all, welcome back! :)

It was again one of those games where the penguins dig themselves a huge hole, then try to scramble out of it at the last second. We were down 4-0 coming into the third when the Pens started their offense performance. They got 3 goals in about 8 minutes. One from John LeClair, another from Andre Roy, and the last for Jani Rita, who scored his first goal as a Penguin. :)

"The guys really believed that we could come back," John LeClair said.

But of cousre obviously they couldn't come out with the win.

"The good thing is, we didn't quit," Coach Michel Therrien said. "Hopefully, they'll bring that third period to the next game."
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Current Music:[Hedley]-Trip
Subject:Another Game, Another win against the Capitals.
Time:11:50 am
Current Mood:peacefulpeaceful

Usually these games vs. the Washington Capitals are all about the rookie match up. Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. But another 1st overall draft pick shined in this game, Marc-Andre Fleury. The Caps came out strong in the first and if it wasn't for Fleury we might have been down 3-0 going into the second instead of up 1-0 by a dirty goal for Crosby. "that's my job" Fleury simply replied.

"He played awesome," right winger Colby Armstrong said. "You see his reflexes, on little tips in front, gloving them. He's a big-time goalie."

It wasn't just Fleury though that lead us to a 6-3 win over Washington but it was guys like, Sidney Crosby who had a goal and assist to out play Ovechkin in Rookie vs. Rookie part 3, Mark Recchi who had a 5 point night, and to everyones surprise Sergei Gonchar in his first game back after illness had a 4 point night.

But here is how Crosby vs. Ovechkin part 3 tallied out:

Sidney Crosby
Ice time:19:40

Alexander Ovechkin
Goals: 1
Assists: 0
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Subject:i know... i know
Time:11:29 am
it's a day late, but... happy birthday maxime! i was busy all day yesterday, so i didn't get a chance to post. anyway, i'm glad both of our penguins won! just, grr to the NHL pens for finally playing like they should have been playing all season, and yea. i hope they still recall max after the break. well, that's it. but, max is 22 now. happy day after your birthday, max!
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Current Music:[Billy Talent]-Red Flag
Subject:Another Gmae, Another Lack of Offense from the Pens
Time:08:58 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper

"It's up to the players to be prepared," coach Michel Therrien said. "It's part of their responsibility, to come and be ready to play and ready to work. Tonight was a bad performance."

The Penguins team looked like they were totally uninterested in last nights game against the Boston Bruins.(I'm sure that wasn't the case but...)They didn't even get a shot on net intill 8:40 in the first and we din't score our one and only goal intill 1:31 left in the 3rd period. We had only 17 shots on net where as Boston had a total of 38 shots.

"Marc-Andre Fleury was phenomenal," Therrien said. "It could have been really ugly."

Upside was our one goal was pretty cool looking. Eric Boguniecki made a great play on the goal stopping and throwing it out for Tomas Surovy to slap it into the net. It was a pretty sweet play.
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Subject:Another Game, Another Shootout Lose To the Islanders
Time:08:03 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper

I never got to see the end of this game, I had to leave when there was about 11 minutes left in the first because I had to make my way downtown for the Leafs game that night. I looked it up on the internet on my Dad's computer when I got into Toronto to see they lost in a shootout, again.
Our shooters were Mark Recchi, Michel Ouellet, then Sindey Crosby. Apparently Recchi's Shot was saved and then Ouellet missed the net in our shootout attempt
Miroslav Satan(or Satin)as my friends and I like to call him got a hattrick that afternoon and Crosby return and scored a goal after missing one game with the flu.
Outside Mellon Arena there was a Save Our Pens rally as you can see by the picture above, to try and keep the beloved Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh.
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Subject:Another Game, another Choke by the Penguins
Time:10:53 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained

Well, at the beginning of this game I looked at the Pittsburgh Penguins situation for their game vs. the Ottawa Senators. And the results said, that we were gunna get our asses kicked.

1. No Sidney Crosby.(out with flu)
2. Forced to start back-up goaltender.(Marc-Andre Fleury played the night before)
3. Played Stanley Cup contender team.
4. The "softest defence in the league" as caoch Michel Therrien would say, up against arguably the best line in the league.(Alfredsson, Heatly and Spezza)
5. And we had lost 13 of our last 14 games.

We were leading miraculously by 2 halfway through the second, intill unfortunately we went on the powerplay. On that powerplay we let the Senators have 2 short-handed goals in a span of 77 seconds! When Daniel Alfredsson gave Ottawa the 3 goal lead with his power-play goal the crowd broke out into a "Here We Go, Steelers" chant! *sigh* After the Sens tied it 2-2 it went all down hill form there.

-.....ummm....good first 20 minutes....
-oh and ummm...limting the Senators to only 26 shots

-Special Teams(3 PP goals against & 3 SH goals against)
-penalties, Penalties, PENALTIES
-the last 40 minutes of the game
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Subject:Another Game, Another Lose to the Rangers
Time:10:15 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired

This was the 7th and last meeting(thank god)between the Rangers and Pens this season.
This was just a bad game, especially when it came to Sindey Crosby. Now yes, he was having "flu like symptoms" but still come on, take a game off then don't go out there and play one of the worst games of your season. He had 3 giveaways a bad penalty(which I don't think he ment to do, but still)that he then semi whined about and he won only 2 of his 13 face-offs.

The first Ranger goal was a short handed one. I don't know maybe Crosby sneezed and closed his eyes when he made this pass(lol, nah he was just pressured into making the pass by a good defensive play by a Rangers guy)but it was intercepted and Rucchin went in and beat Fleury.

-Marc-Andre Fleury, I thought he played really well and he got his first NHL point. A assist on the Recchi goal
-Mark Recchi's goal, he went all the way from our zone to the rangers zone did a nice little deke around the defenceman and beat Rangers netminder Henrik Lundqvist
- and that we didn't completely embarrass ourselves this time. We only lost 3-1!HURRAY!

-Sidney Crosby, as I have mentioned before
-Sergei Gonchar's wasted ice time 28:51
-Penalties, penalties, PENALTIES 7 of which were hooking and holding
-and I think it's pretty sad that your goalie was one of your teams point leaders for the night*shakes head*
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Subject:Talbot Sent Down, Kid Graces cover and...Banning Street Hockey!?
Time:03:42 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained

Unfortunately I must inform you that Maxime Talbot was sent down to The Baby Pens(AHL)yesterday. Talbot, 21, has played in 48 games this season for the Penguins, recording eight points (5+3) and 59 penalty minutes.
I liked Max. =(Hopefully we'll recall him soon.

In other news in case you don't know Sidney Crosby is on the cover on ESPN magazine this month. there is a article on him inside and a few photos too. To me he looks a lot older then 18 in the pics, their very...classy kind of looking. lol. To view the cover click here.

Also, Crosby got involed with a few happens back in his home province of Nova Scotia these past few days.

Crosby's mom, Trina, told Sidney that Halifax had proposed a bylaw last week that could be interpreted as banning street hockey, Crosby e-mailed mayor Pete Kelly and members of the regional council.

"It's just one of those things where I could relate to the topic, and I had a strong opinion about it. And I think a lot of the people I grew up with have the same opinion," Crosby said.

The bylaw was made to insure children's safety and at behavior that could impede traffic.

"Because the bylaw wording was so vague and general, somebody suggested it could actually include [street hockey]," Harry McInroy, the regional councillor for Crobsy's home suburb of Cole Harbour and one of those who got an e-mail Sunday from Crosby, said, according to the Canadian Press.

Meanwhile, The Wings peewee AAA team, a team which Crosby played for while growing up, is heading to the Quebec International Peewee Hockey Tournament this month and was hoping Crosby could provide something for the 17, 12 year old players. Crosby, who has a contract with Reebok, worked with the company to supply helmets, gloves, gear bags, travel bags, sticks and tuques for the team, even though he doesn't personally know or have any ties to the players.

"Being from a small town, when you go to those international tournaments, it's not the same," said Crosby. "It's kind of looked upon as a small place, and you don't always have the matching equipment that teams from bigger cities or bigger teams have. I tried to help out with some things."

"It was just like Christmas," Cole Harbour Bel Ayr Minor Hockey Association president, Bill Morris told the Daily News of Halifax. "They were screaming and yelling. You could have canceled Christmas, they wouldn't have cared."

"No matter where you are or where you go in life or where it takes you, you always have to remember where you come from," Crosby said.

"For me, it's just a way of trying to support a place that I loved growing up and am proud to be from."

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