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Subject:Another Game, Another Lose to the Senators.
Time:05:08 pm
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People were anticipating some sort of "action" between Sidney Crosby and Daniel Alfredsson in last nights game, but none came and both players made it clear nothing was gunna happen. Crosby said that everyone has there own opinions and that he (Alfredsson)just made them clear, but he's not going to deal with it. Whereas Alfredsson said this bullshit:
"You make comments in the media and it gets scrutinized," he said after the game-day skate. "I knew right after I said it that it was probably going to become a big deal, and there was going to be a lot of attention paid to it.

"I look back now, and now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't have said it, I guess." Notice the..'i guess' at the end. *rolls eyes*

The Penguins lost 5-2 and collected 75 penalty minutes. Eric Cairns got majors for spearing and fighting, a 10-minute misconduct and two game misconducts, when he fought the giant, Zdeno Chara. He was 6 penalty minutes away from the franchise record. Colby Armstrong got his 10th goal, shorthanded and tied the game up 1-1, but it all went downhill for the Pens from there.

Including Ottawa's Andrej Meszaros almost knee-on-knee hit on Crosby. Which was a scary moment when I heard about it by the way,(cuz i didn't see the hit, I switched the channel for like..2 minutes.) I mean am sure he didn't mean to do it, he said he didn't mean to do it but, that's our franchise player you dickhead!

"[What good is] it if [the NHL gives] him five games for kneeing if Sidney's out for the year with a blown-out knee, or something?" Roy said. He got a 10 minute misconduct for debating that Meszaros should have gotten a major.


Goaltender:Sebastien Caron


Per.1::PIT 0::OTT 1
Per.2::PIT 1::OTT 2
Per.3::PIT 1::OTT 2
Final::PIT 2::OTT 5

Shots on Goal

Per.1::PIT 05::OTT 14
Per.2::PIT 10::OTT 14
Per.3::PIT 09::OTT 11
Final::PIT 24::OTT 39

+Leader(s) Brooks Orpik +2
-Leader(s) Michel Ouellet, John LeClair, Sergei Gonchar -2
Ice Time Leader Sergei Gonchar 28:03
Penalty Time Leader Eric Cairns 40min.
Point Leader(s) Colby Armstrong(1 goal=1 point), Tomas Surovy(1 goal=1 point), Ryan Malone(1 assist=1 point), Sidney Crosby(1 assist=1 point)

*3 Stars*

#1 A. Meszaros
#2 D. Alfredsson
#3 C. Neil

Thre Penguins next game is against The New York Islanders at 7:30.

till then-
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Time:2006-03-23 12:07 am (UTC)
I'd just like to point out two things about the supposed Ovechkin/Crosby race that show how shitty the media is to Sid.
A) Ovechkin got benched for nearly 14 minutes because his coach said he was lacking enthusiasm. If Sid got benched that long, for that reason, it'd be all snobby rookie thinks he's better than his team, blahblahblah
B) If someone put a hit like *that* on Ovechkin (say, when Whitney 'speared' Ovechkin, which I'm still saying was an accident) it'd be all over the fucking hockey news and be the worst hit this season. And the hit on Sid last night hurt to WATCH. His head bounced off the ice. I was glad Surovy went and fought. I love my boys.

Oh, and Roy and Cairns are so fun. Because if we can't win games, lets just mess up the teams who can, right. Because in every Pens game recently, there's at least one game misconduct, about 4 shitty calls, and we get one player from the other team injured. And it was *Bogey* who put that hit on their player. Five-foot-eight Bogey. Oi vey.

And Alfredsson pulling those comments back *is* bullshit. 'Cause Sid was the mature one and said that "hockey is played on the ice."

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Time:2006-03-23 04:27 am (UTC)
speak_stupid - you said it. If Sid had these kind of actions, they'd jump his shit.

What a game. Chock full of penalty minutes, eh? ;)
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[icon] Another Game, Another Lose to the Senators. - Pittsburgh penguins Blogspot
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