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Subject:Another Game, Another (Semi) Fluky loss to the Leafs
Time:09:33 pm
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NEW ARENA! NEW ARENA! NEW ARENA....what?!..I'm just chanting what all Penguins fans around the world are chanting. 2 blackouts happened last night during the 1-0 loss for the Penguins, leaving the arena in pitch black for about a second. The first outage last around 18 minutes and the second time, they just sent both teams to their dressing rooms and tacked on the remaining 7:08 of the second, onto the third period.

"It's the same for both teams," Defenseman Rob Scuderi said. "It was certainly an inconvenience, but it inconvenienced both teams at the same time, so it's really no advantage or disadvantage."

The Pens were looking very sluggish and boring in the first and started to pick it up in the second and third after the power outages. The Pens killed off a 5 minute penalty to Eric Cairns after he drove Toronto's Ben Ondrus face-first into the boards. The Leafs did not get a single shot on net during that PP. That was when Toronto Maple Leafs, Chad Kilger, got a break away and Scuderi tripped him up to try and save a goal. Kilger was then rewarded a penalty shot, and he blasted the puck pass Marc-Andre Fleury,(who was playing an amazing game) stick side.

"I believe that was a terrible call," said Therrien, who explained that he didn't believe Kilger met the criterion of having "a clear breakaway" that would warrant a penalty shot.

"You just feel terrible, because I just cost my team a game," Rob Scuderi said. "Obviously, I'm trying to get to the puck," he continued. "You try to aim for the puck first and if you get the skate, that's just the play you have to make. ... I was hoping it would just be two minutes, but it's something I have to live with."

It's only been the second time in NHL history and first time in Leaf's history that a successful penalty shot has been used to win a game by a score of 1-0. The first time it happened was in 1936 when the New York Rangers defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs 1-0 with a penalty shot.

"It was a pretty good defensive game for both sides," Tomas Surovy said. "And they had the good break."



Per.1::PIT 0::TOR 0
Per.2::PIT 0::TOR 0
Per.3::PIT 0::TOR 1
Final::PIT 0::TOR 1

Shots on Goal

Per.1::PIT 05::TOR 08
Per.2::PIT 07::TOR 02
Per.3::PIT 09::TOR 13
Final::PIT 21::TOR 23

+Leader(s) All EVEN
-Leader(s) All EVEN
Ice Time Leader Sergei Gonchar 30:05
Penalty Time Leader Eric Cairns 15min.
Point Leader(s) No one scored

*3 Stars*

#1 M. Tellqvist
#2 M. Fleury
#3 C. Kilger

The Penguins play tomorrow vs. the Ottawa Senators (YAY! an ass whoopin') at 7:00.

till then-
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Time:2006-03-21 03:18 am (UTC)
It was so freaking wonky. About halfway through the first, Fleury came like 40 feet out of the net and got caught up trying to play forward. Then the power outages and the shootout (which I think was a shitty call, but I'm used to that now, being a Pens fan for how many years).

Just wondering, where do you get your interviews from?
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Time:2006-03-21 03:22 am (UTC)
DAMN! Gonchar was on the ice 30 minutes! DAMN!

That game was nuts. I mean, the power going out ONE time was weird enough, but then it went out again? HEAR THAT RENDELL! We need a new arena. I'm actually happy that happened because it'll spark more stuff to go towards the new arena! :P

Kilger dived. It was obvious. It should have been 4-4, 2 minutes for tripping and 2 minutes for diving. What the hell? On stupid call and it cost us the game.
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Time:2006-03-21 02:16 pm (UTC)
It was a great game to watch!!

Kilger's dive and the penalty shot - what a bad call.
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Time:2006-03-22 10:08 pm (UTC)
I get my interviews from a lot of places...post gazette, penguins site, opposing(sp?)teams sites.....now that i think about it i should probaly credit those sites, lol
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[icon] Another Game, Another (Semi) Fluky loss to the Leafs - Pittsburgh penguins Blogspot
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