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Subject:HUGE FAN...
Time:08:50 pm
Hey there,

Anyone still come around here anymore??

Just wanted to say that I am THE biggest FAN of Lyle Odelein...

Anyone know if he's got a fanclub or something?!?!


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Time:03:33 pm
Malkin in Los Angeles

Oh the drama!!
. .
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Subject:stanley cup
Time:04:54 pm
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Okay, okay, I know our beloved Pens weren't even close to the playoffs... but here's a picture, anyway.
New Jersey Devils' Brad Lukowich (L) and the Carolina Hurricanes' Mark Recchi battle for the puck during the second period of their second round NHL Stanley Cup playoff game in Raleigh, North Carolina May 6, 2006. REUTERS/Ellen Ozier

because i love recchi. and he should come home next season.
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Time:05:56 pm
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Image hosting by Photobucket

Defenseman Noah Welch got his first NHL goal in the Penguins losing effort to Montreal, who won 6-5. The Pittsburgh penguins could have swept the season series if they had won.

"You need breaks," coach Michel Therrien said. "The hockey god was not on our side." lol, hockey god.

Welch actually scored his first goal when he slapped the puck past Marc-Andre Fleury as he attempted to clear it out from the front of the net.

"I got a little overanxious and tried to clear it [into the corner]," Welch said.

This game was more like a shootout. Just like one goal after another it seamed. One of Montreals goals though should not have gone in at all. We were on the penalty-kill, and Andy Hilbert was carrying the puck along the boards near the Penguins' blue line when Jan Bulis of Montreal knocked him, like face first from behind into the boards, causing him turnover the puck, making Montreal's 4th goal possible.

Therrien said the Penguins felt the hit deserved a major penalty, and Hilbert said that he "was really surprised" there was no call.

"I never even saw the guy coming," he said, "and he hit me right from behind."

Colby Armstrong had 2 goals and would have had 3, for the hattrick, but the video goal judge said the game tying puck he put past Canadiens goalie David Aebischer was intentionally directed in. It looked like it hit him in the elbow region.

"It hit me, and I was lucky enough for it to go in," Armstrong said. "But I guess they saw it differently."

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Subject:Late Update
Time:05:35 pm
Sorry I didn't have time to update guys, but nice win over the Islanders. Sidney Crosby with the game winning goal in OT, very nice. And Ryan Malone's short handed goal wasn't to shabby either, lol.

Next game is 2night at 7:30 vs. the Montreal Canadians. God, I;ve seen the Canadians wayyyyyyy to much this weak. i know like all the players on their team now, lol

till then-
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Subject:Another Game, Another Lose to the Senators.
Time:05:08 pm
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People were anticipating some sort of "action" between Sidney Crosby and Daniel Alfredsson in last nights game, but none came and both players made it clear nothing was gunna happen. Crosby said that everyone has there own opinions and that he (Alfredsson)just made them clear, but he's not going to deal with it. Whereas Alfredsson said this bullshit:
"You make comments in the media and it gets scrutinized," he said after the game-day skate. "I knew right after I said it that it was probably going to become a big deal, and there was going to be a lot of attention paid to it.

"I look back now, and now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't have said it, I guess." Notice the..'i guess' at the end. *rolls eyes*

The Penguins lost 5-2 and collected 75 penalty minutes. Eric Cairns got majors for spearing and fighting, a 10-minute misconduct and two game misconducts, when he fought the giant, Zdeno Chara. He was 6 penalty minutes away from the franchise record. Colby Armstrong got his 10th goal, shorthanded and tied the game up 1-1, but it all went downhill for the Pens from there.

Including Ottawa's Andrej Meszaros almost knee-on-knee hit on Crosby. Which was a scary moment when I heard about it by the way,(cuz i didn't see the hit, I switched the channel for like..2 minutes.) I mean am sure he didn't mean to do it, he said he didn't mean to do it but, that's our franchise player you dickhead!

"[What good is] it if [the NHL gives] him five games for kneeing if Sidney's out for the year with a blown-out knee, or something?" Roy said. He got a 10 minute misconduct for debating that Meszaros should have gotten a major.

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Subject:Another Game, Another (Semi) Fluky loss to the Leafs
Time:09:33 pm
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NEW ARENA! NEW ARENA! NEW ARENA....what?!..I'm just chanting what all Penguins fans around the world are chanting. 2 blackouts happened last night during the 1-0 loss for the Penguins, leaving the arena in pitch black for about a second. The first outage last around 18 minutes and the second time, they just sent both teams to their dressing rooms and tacked on the remaining 7:08 of the second, onto the third period.

"It's the same for both teams," Defenseman Rob Scuderi said. "It was certainly an inconvenience, but it inconvenienced both teams at the same time, so it's really no advantage or disadvantage."

The Pens were looking very sluggish and boring in the first and started to pick it up in the second and third after the power outages. The Pens killed off a 5 minute penalty to Eric Cairns after he drove Toronto's Ben Ondrus face-first into the boards. The Leafs did not get a single shot on net during that PP. That was when Toronto Maple Leafs, Chad Kilger, got a break away and Scuderi tripped him up to try and save a goal. Kilger was then rewarded a penalty shot, and he blasted the puck pass Marc-Andre Fleury,(who was playing an amazing game) stick side.

"I believe that was a terrible call," said Therrien, who explained that he didn't believe Kilger met the criterion of having "a clear breakaway" that would warrant a penalty shot.

"You just feel terrible, because I just cost my team a game," Rob Scuderi said. "Obviously, I'm trying to get to the puck," he continued. "You try to aim for the puck first and if you get the skate, that's just the play you have to make. ... I was hoping it would just be two minutes, but it's something I have to live with."

It's only been the second time in NHL history and first time in Leaf's history that a successful penalty shot has been used to win a game by a score of 1-0. The first time it happened was in 1936 when the New York Rangers defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs 1-0 with a penalty shot.

"It was a pretty good defensive game for both sides," Tomas Surovy said. "And they had the good break."

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Subject:Another Game, Another Way Too Many Mistakes For the Pens
Time:05:02 pm
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Sure the Penguins may have made way too many turnovers, too many men on the ice penalties, and some dumb, dumb, plays(as usual)BUT! we actually won a game, while doing it.
"This wasn't our best at all," Sidney Crosby said. "But, trust me, we've played a lot of good hockey games and not won."

John LeClair had 3 points in last nights game and Marc-Andre Fleury made 42 saves to seal the Pens victory, and many of them were amazing. He really keeps us in some games, eh?

"It's the best feeling I've had in a four-goal game," Fleury said.

The funniest part in that game was when Andre Roy scored his second goal of the year. He was hooked as he made his way to the net, didn't even get a shot off and the puck slid into the net past Montreal's newly required goaltender David Aebischer, anyways.

"A lucky goal," Roy said, "but I'll take it."

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Time:09:59 pm
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*Article From Pittsburgh-Post Gazette*

Ottawa winger Daniel Alfredsson had glowing things to say recently when asked about Washington's Alex Ovechkin, but he wasn't so complimentary toward the other top NHL rookie, the Penguins' Sidney Crosby.

In a story Sunday in The Ottawa Sun, Alfredsson named Ovechkin the best NHL player this season, and not just among rookies. He praised Ovechkin's creativity and ability to beat opponents one-on-one.

Alfredsson said Ovechkin separates himself from players such as Crosby and Atlanta's Ilya Kovalchuk with his willingness to be physical.

"He doesn't get frustrated if he gets hit ... he gets up and keeps playing," Alfredsson said of Ovechkin. "Not like that other rookie [Crosby], who starts crying. I think there's a big difference in the attitude."

Crosby said he was aware of Alfredsson's comments but declined to address them.

I am SO sick of these NHLers, these broadcasters, these analysts and these other shits out there rippin' on Sid. Sure he's stepped on some toes and stuff, but these stupid craps just keep up with the insults. 'oh Crosbys overrated' "oh Crosbys just hype' 'Crosbys a baby, a whiner' 'oh Crosbys full of himself'. And then everyone goes around praising Ovechkin like he's God or something. I mean nothing at all against Ovie, he's one of my fav players...I'm just sick of all this shit. Granted some do say he's a good player and stuff and they really like his game, but constantly it's just insults and I'm sick of it.

Sorry if I sound like a whiner and a bitch , but I just needed to vent for a second , lol
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Subject:Catch Up
Time:10:23 pm
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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was really busy last week, so here are some of the things that went on the past few days.

Trade Deadline

LW Niklas Nordgren
C Krystofer Kolanos
C Andy Hilbert

D Cory Cross
RW Mark Recchi

We all know we felt the Recchi trade coming at same point on deadline day. At least he's in Carolina though, now hes got a shot at winning the cup. =)

March 8
Unfortunately we lost that night vs. the Washington Captials, 6-3, who the Pens had beaten 3 times this season and Sidney Crosby lost the 4th and final round between him and Alexander Ovechkin. AO had a goal and 2 assists, while Sid the Kid had just 1 assist.

March 11
The Penguins play a good game and defeat the New Jersey Devils with a score of 6-3. Sidney Crosby had 2 goals and a assist and Sergei Gonchar, Ryan Malone, Michel Ouellet and newcomer Andy Hilbert all had 2 point nights. Marc-Andre Fleury also had a amazing night and stopped many of New Jersey's great scoring opportunities.

March 12
The Pens played their last game, in their only set of back-to-back home games against the Philadelphia Flyers. Colby Armstrong had Pittsburgh's 2 goals as they went on to beat the Flyers 2-0. Fleury was the first star and recorded his first shutout of the season and second shutout of his career.

*Colby Armstrong is now on a 8 game point streak (5 goals and 7 assists). This ties Alexander Ovechkin and Boston Bruin's Brad Boyes for the second-longest rookie point streak this season. Teammate Sidney Crosby owns the longest, which was 10 games.*

Next game for the Penguins is Thursday vs. the New Jersey Devils again at 7:30.

till then-
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